About Us

Our goal is to provide a unique look that is seductive and exotic. Our designs transcend the boring mainstream prints and colors, to bring you styles that pop out of a crowd. Behind the design is function and flattery. With over 20 years of experience and refinement, our products redefine the shape of your body by lifting key areas, and accentuating the most essential curves of your body. The result is not just sexy, it is hypnotic.

Tan Line Clothing is about the heavenly feeling that comes from sunshine, sand, water, and summer love. It’s for the ladies who go with their heart and have a passion for life, who are proud to be feminine and shake their hair. Fearless and ready for adventure, our best times and memories are made in the sun in our swimwear. 

Tan Line Clothing wants to liberate all the females. The ones who own their tan lines and summer skin, and the ones who haven’t found theirs just yet. To feel your best you must look your best. We bring you one-of-a kind swimwear from the places that have mastered the beach lifestyle, and the way your bikini should fit. It’s cheeky, flirty, sexy, and blends with your skin on any adventure.